Monday, 3 March 2014


WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE- decking and cladding solutions for outdoors.
These composite decking solutions are relatively new in India and are promoted as virtually a fool proof solution for any outdoor wood requirement, be it pool deck, terrace, patio, balcony or facade cladding.

( XTERIA CLADDING …This Brazilian product is brought to us in India by BVG Industries ltd.)
While maintaining the look and warmth of wood, this composite material is said to be extremely durable and free from all the traditional hassles like knots, splinters, decay and maintenance, associated with natural wood solutions. It is available in very easy to install interlocking boards.
The correct data of its composition is not known and any long term performance and exposure tests are also not available. This being a new product in the market, it is difficult to ascertain its durability as a justification for the high initial costs involved.
A research into similar products in the western markets has revealed that Wood-Plastic composite materials do have their share of issues like colour fading, water absorption, heat retention, expansion – contraction, mold buildup etc. The exact strength and performance depends upon the ratio of wood and plastic, the binder and the sealant, which is generally every manufacturer’s closely guarded secret.
Despite the high initial cost, there is no denying that they are attractive and relatively easier to install, but research suggests that a periodic maintenance schedule is most definitely required with all products in this genre and this must be recommended by the manufacturer and supplier at the onset.
It must be noted that the luxurious and exotic real hardwood floors and claddings also fall into the same cost bracket and truly require very little maintenance.

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